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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Home is sanctuary. It is the single place that I feel most protected. No outside influences. A place to let it all hang out. Bare my soul to these four walls. When home no longer feels like sanctuary there is a problem. I’ve learned to protect my peace in this place called home. Life isn’t promised and when you escape the perils of the world and make it home safely to your family...there aren’t any words to describe it. I know it should be a basic thing. Being grateful of these small moments gives me hope that maybe it will explore people to show more gratitude. My happiness, I’m in charge of. With my happiness it will spill over to my boys, because if the foundation is rocky than what will they be able to stand on?

Living in Indiana, we have been able to cover our children and create a healthy loving home for them to come to. They understand that this is the place where no matter what they can be themselves. They are able to express themselves. They know they can just be! Debunking old thoughts of children not being able to speak is not always the easiest because of our own indoctrination. I’m dedicated to make sure they are the healthiest that I can help, Spiritually, emotionally, physically and especially mentally. I am teaching them to stand in their truth, whatever that may be even if I don’t agree. It is their life, I am here to guide them and hopefully make good decisions. Home is where they learn who they are, how they can move in the world. If home is chaos how will they thrive out in the world.

Home is sanctuary.

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